Get the Smart unified Digital workplace

A Business Process Management (BPM) Software Solutions Company.

We are a Gold Partner of Cloud based KiSSFLOW Digital Workplace -  BPM Solutions based in Dubai.

Our team has 20+ years in building workflows , Coordination and collaboration systems  for global companies in the Europe and MENA region.


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We Make Digitization and Business Process Management Look Easy!

We help you Design and Develop Simple and Smart Digital Workplace to do

  • Process Management
  • Case Management
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration

Let us study with your team to build effective Digital Workplace and processes!

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Other Services

Development and Rationalization of IBM Lotus Domino Notes Applications and SharePoint

Our IBM Louts Domino Service include:

  • Bespoke development in IBM Lotus Notes / Domino
  • IBM Notes / Domino Support for your infrastructure and applications
  • Implementation of Notes / Domino
  • Application modernization with XPages
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BitRally International FZE LLC

United Arab Emirates

We add velocity to your business

Our team has been associated with large international companies with thousands of employees, analyzing, developing, and managing IBM Lotus Notes and Sharepoint Applications for Sales, Marketing, Field Services and Opportunity Management supporting areas like Specifications, Customer Relationships, Pricing, Workflow and Document Control.

  • We model and train smarter collaboration, coordination and control to celebrate work.
  • We have the team with several years of knowledge and experience in building business processes
  • We ensure appropriate tools and systems are in place to remove workflow bottlenecks and duplicated efforts

We help you build a success story with Digital Workplace (BPM in Dubai) that provides you;

✓  Improved productivity
✓  Process transparency
✓  Faster business reaction time
✓  Improved accountability

BPM Dubai

Next Steps...

Ride the next wave in collaboration, control and coordination;
Move to KiSSFLOW Digital Workplace (BPM in Dubai), used by over 10,000 customers across 121 countries, including more than fifty Fortune 500 companies. 

Why 10,000 Customers choose KiSSFlow?

  • To simplify complex workflows through digital process automation so you can take control of your business processes, maximize your resources and increase efficiency.
  • To build workflows visually using drag-and-drop functionality, enabling your business to deploy automated processes in days rather than months or years. Gartner says, "By 2024, low-code will be responsible for more than 65% of app dev activity".
  • To quickly create powerful process applications effectively, accelerate your digital transformation, reducing costs and improving your business
  • To also provide you with an innovative easy to implement solutions to Project Management, Case Management and Collaborations out of the box

Reach us now, our agility brews your simplicity! a BPM Company in Dubai United Arab Emirates