BPM Dubai

Process Management

We analyze and design workflows that provide your organization :-

Easy-to-use interface Easy-to-use interface

Users love the uncomplicated, simple design


build_for_scalability Built for scalability
Handle increased users, data volume, and complexity easily


Real Time Analytics Real-time analytics

Custom metrics keep you aware of the state of each process



Link your workflows with APIs and handy tools like Zapier


BPM Dubai


We get you easy features  to kick start your organization's own Social connection!

 Secret Channels

Create groups with restricted access for confidential discussions



Ask questions, collect replies, and display real-time results


 File Sharing

Just drag-and-drop it to share and review it quick


 Nested Comments

View comments in an intuitive order for better understanding


Power Search

Search current and archived content across every channel

BPM Dubai

Project Management

Project management software for your organizations non-project managers

Simple easy tool that conforms to your style and keeps your eyes on the end goal. Manage the project, not the software!


Case Management

Embrace the power of an agile case management solution loaded with just the right features.

Explore ways your organization handle case management :-

case management icon Incident management

Report incidents and take corrective actions

case management icon Service requests

Quick access and smart alerts for service requests

case management icon Bug Tracking

Get instant access to every bug status and priority



Workflow Dubai

Everything you need for smart processes

- Dashboards
- Analytics and Reporting
- Visual process design
- Process optimization
- Process audit
- Dynamic reporting

- Dynamic routing
- Dynamic business rules
- Agile deployment
- Adhoc dynamic assignment

Trusted by 10,000+ Companies

- Intuitive user interface
- Low code or no code workflow forms
- Instant access

- Automate
- Fast Integration
- Scalability
- Task Management


Other Services: IBM Lotus Notes / Domino Services

Our experience is based upon our work with many international Notes organizations, and we offer a wide range of skills and services to design and support your IBM Notes Domino applications

Our practice offers the development of custom applications to assist our customers respond to the demands of todays business world.

We specialize in IBM Notes Development, Domino consulting and Domino Infrastructure.


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